Staff | Ron Cathcart

What's the dumbest thing you've ever done.
I went to my eighth grade shop class with firecrackers in the pocket of my jeans. It happened to be the day we were learning to use the arc welder. The results were quite explosive.

What was your first car?
1970 AMC Hornet. It was sweet!

What three words would your Jr. High teachers use to describe you?
Glad he's gone!

Describe a perfect Saturday.
Sleep late. Big breakfast. Hot, black, strong cup of coffee in my favorite mug while sitting in my favorite easy chair, reading my favorite Bible. Early afternoon nap. Watch the Cardinals beat the Cubs on Fox Saturday Baseball Game of the Week. A late afternoon/early evening ride on my Harley with Debi that ends up at a steak house for a fillet and loaded baked potato. Hang out with the family for the evening and end the day with two packs of Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls and a big cold glass of milk.

If you could invite anyone to dinner, who would it be and why?
Tony LaRussa. As a baseball purist, I was bothered when he used to bat the pitcher eighth, but I guess someone told him how much it bothers me because he no longer does it. I'd still like to invite him over though!

What Bible story do you wish you had been a part of and why?
2 Chronicles 7 tells the story of Solomon dedicating the temple. He prayed, fire came down from heaven, and God’s glory filled the temple in such a powerful, tangible way that the people could not go in. As they were confronted with God’s glory, they knelt on the parking lot pavement and put their faces on the ground and they worshiped. Two reasons why I would want to be there? One is to experience Gods glory in such a powerful way, and two, I bet no one looked at their watches and worried that it was after 12:00.

What's your best advice for a college-bound teen?
Go to SCCC unless you have a really good scholarship somewhere. Stay home, eat your parents food, live cheap, stay out of debt, get a job. Most Jesus. It is easy to get distracted by many things while in college so keep your eyes on Him. Stay fresh with Jesus.

How far from home have you gotten?

Role at 2Rivers
Lead Pastor

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